We have been a part of the Rail Industry for over 30 years. Here are a handful of testimonies from the people we have work with.

Trent Marshall, President of  Modern Track

I have been acquainted with Daniel Samford for almost 20 years, previously in his capacity as the
manager of Rail Work Equipment for Herzog and most recently as the owner of Peak Performance Asset
Services. Dan is a well-respected individual in the railroad industry. His understanding of Rail
Maintenance of Way Equipment is second to none….

Ron Zagami, President of Clairemont Equipment

Dan Brought prompt, clear, and concise communications in all our dealings. In fact Dan has always brought about a satisfactory conclusion to every difficult situation that arose. When he had the upper hand he never used it, rather he sought to work out a prompt, fair and amicable resolution. For the many and constant challenges with vendors it seems Dan always brought a fair resolution to the table and compromise with satisfaction became “normal”….

Michael D. Smith, President of Certified Boom Repair Service Inc.

Dan Samford is among the most (possibly the most) professional, knowledgeable, and competent equipment managers that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with during my 40+ year career. He is absolutely honest to a fault and is very aggressive to “get the job done” while jealously protecting his employer’s business interests….

Alan Landes, President and Chief Operating Officer of Herzog Contracting Group

Dan was employed for 20 years as the Vice President of Equipment for Herzog Contracting Corp. during which he was responsible for the acquisition, disposal, and maintenance of all of our construction related equipment. Dan consistently demonstrated the ability to work independently and with great knowledge of both the industry and equipment utilized in the industry. In addition, he was always found to be dependable, driven, self-motivated, goal oriented, and always approached problems with the intent of systematically solving them expeditiously. We wish Dan all the best in his future endeavors….

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